We have a variety of chemical peels to suit the need of each and every individual. From soft peels with no downtime to deeper peels with a 10 day downtime period. Your lifestyle and time will determine the choice of your product. No matter what your choice of product is, chemical peels should be part of your beauty regime. If you haven’t been using an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA(beta hydroxy acid) your skin is missing out on significant benefits!!

What are the Benefits of Chemical Peels?

Prevents Acne:

Chemical peels will help with acne and lower the pH of the skin making bacteria uncomfortable and unable to survive. They help remove the surface skin debris leading to a healthier complexion with less clogged pores.

Improves efficacy of other skincare products:

Because peels remove the top layer of skin, it’s able to help other products you put on your skin penetrate deeper. This is especially helpful if you’re pimple-prone and are slathering on acne treatments. Refines fine lines and wrinkles: A peel will help to remove dead skin that has settled into fine lines, making them less visible. A medium-depth peel will help the most with wrinkle refinement.

Reveals clearer glowing skin:

Chemical peels remove the flaky irregularly-attached dead skin cells from the face, leading to a compact stratum conium that reflects a beautiful glow. In addition, there is a slight inflammatory component that may occur, and this creates a collagen boost when healed. With so many acids on the market, it can seem overwhelming to remember which to use —and for what — and which products to buy. Before all that, you have to know where to start.

Please note that with one 30ml chemical peel you can do up to 20 Treatments. 



Mandelic acid is another alpha-hydroxy acid, one that’s derived from bitter almonds. It’s an exfoliating agent that’s useful for preventing acne, treating sun damage, and evening out pigmentation. It is a soft peel which can be performed once a week. This peel can be used on all skin types. Great for first-time users!



Lactic acid is the best researched AHA after glycolic acid and is notable for being gentler, more hydrating, and more effective at treating sun-damaged skin. Safe for all skin types and can be used on sensitive skin.


Glycolic acid is the most popular alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) used in skincare. It comes from sugar cane. Glycolic acid is a fantastic anti-aging agent that seems to do it all. Fading dark spots, increasing skin thickness, and evening out skin tone and texture. Not to be used if you have sensitive skin.


Retinoic Acid – have been proven to boost collagen production reducing wrinkles and sagging, preventing fine lines, and speed cell turnover. Contains vitamin A and is well known for its anti-aging benefits. Not to be used if you have sensitive skin.



The Milk Peel is a combination of lactic/glycolic/salicylic with coconut milk. Great for fine lines, dullness, and uneven skin tone. It is also used for skin lightening and as a spot treatment. Safe for dark skin but not recommended for sensitive skin. Not recommended for people with milk and aspirin allergies



Trichloroacetic acid peels penetrate deeper than the glycolic or lactic peels, making them a good choice for those with scarring, sun damage, and pigmentation issues. They can produce great results, but downtime is required as your skin will peel for at least a week. TCA peels will cause the actual peeling of the skin. It comes in strengths of 15%, 25% (can be used as body peel), 50% (used for Tattoo removal), and 100%(to be used by professionals only).

Once you invested the time for a chemical peel, it’s equally important to have a good after-treatment plan to see the best results possible. It is important to take care of your skin the right away after a chemical peel and to ensure you get the most out of your chemical peel. We recommend our creams and serums which are all water-based, natural ingredients, non-alcohol, and perfume free. We have the beauty geniuses of Korea to thank for our chemical peels as these peels are known to me for more than 11 years!

We provide a safe, efficacious, and cost-effective product that one can perform in the comfort of your own home and time and will save a lot of expensive treatments at a Salon! We take pride in offering Dermedik and our locally manufactured O’ri skincare products.

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