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My Jessner Chemical Peel experience – Jessner 30%

Evening of peel:


I washed my face with dove soap like I always do. I never use any fancy soap on my face. Some days I use an exfoliator but that’s it. I applied some Vaseline on my eye brows (last time I did a TCA Peel I peeled my permanent make up off and I was very sad about that) and around my nose as I know peels tend to burn the sh*t out of your nostrils..


I shook the bottle and poured some out in a shot glass (wanted to take a sip as it looked like tequila) haha! No just kidding. Quickly applied with a little fan brush (which I cut smaller as it was too big and fanned too much for my taste) With quick and even strokes I applied the chemical peel on my forehead. By the time I wanted to apply on my cheeks the shot glass was empty, the peel evaporated. So I had to pour another shot! So this time I was quick! I applied on my cheeks and chin. I applied another three layers. The instructions say you can apply up to nine but I did not feel that brave.


I was done and I only felt a little sting but no burn! I left the peel on the whole evening and went to bed with it still on my face… I’m so used to doing my night time skin care routine that it feels unnatural to not wash my face tonight.


Day after the chemical peel:


I woke up this morning and washed my face with some soap water and applied my normal moisturizer and sunblock (VERY IMPORTANT) Chin and forehead feels a bit tight but no redness. It feels good, my skin is glowing! I applied my make up like usual. No way that I go to work without make up on. I look like a glazed doughnut but my skin feels great.


At work people are complimenting me on my glow. .


I can’t believe I am posting these pictures but I hope that this post was helpful and informative! Peels are GREAT, yes. But it can be quite the process depending on what peel you get and how strong it is! The peel that I got is a Jessner Chemical Peel. It has a blend of different ingredients to help with acne, skin brightening and overall texture.


You might not have the same skin concerns as me though. If your biggest problem is with wrinkles, we have a peel for that. If you have a problem with discoloration, we have a peel for that. If you want your age spots and sun damage spots to fade, we have a peel for that.

I am being very genuine and honest when I say that you can trust Peel Away All Imperfections to take care of your skin needs. From the bottom of my heart, I want all of you to feel confident and have beautiful skin. It’s not the most important thing in the world, I know. But I personally feel my best when my skin is healthy.


Please don’t be scared of Chemical peels. We are here to assist you. Trust me when I say it’s WORTH IT. In fact, I have another Chemical Peel scheduled for next week and I can hardly wait!


My love for chemical peels are strong and I love our Products and so will you!

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